Leather Car Seat Storage Box Car Seat Gap Charging Hole Organizer

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Our wireless charging mobile phone stand is hot selling, the smart sensor allows you to place your mobile phone with one hand and provide wireless charging, making your driving safer & more convenient.

We've all been there - driving on a crowded road, trying to stay focused on the traffic ahead, when suddenly, a toy falls to the floor, and your child reaches for it. In that split second, your attention is diverted, and disaster strikes. A cluttered car center console can be a recipe for disaster, but with our Leather Car Seat Organizer, you can keep all your daily essentials organized and within reach. Prevent accidents caused by lost or fallen items and enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience with our elegant and luxurious organizer.


Safety and Protection
·It features a hydrophobic nanolayer that makes it splash-proof and stain-resistant, protecting your items from damage.
·The high-quality leather material is durable and long-lasting, making it a practical investment for any car owner.

 Ample Space and Convenience

·It includes holes on both sides for easy access to charging cables, making it a convenient solution for keeping your phone charged while on the go.
·Its luxurious leather exterior and velvet-lined interior keep your essentials within reach while driving.

 Tidy and Clutter-Free

·The organizer offers ample space for your phone, keys, coins, and cash.
·It keeps your car's center console tidy and clutter-free, giving you a safer and more comfortable driving experience.


  • Installation method: Plug-in type
  • Material: leather
  • Size: 11.02 *8.07*3.14 inch
  • Weight: 260g

Color and Detail Display

Note: This Car Seat Storage Box is Compatible with All Car Models; It is Not Authorized by the Relevant Car Brands.