Car LED Underbody Lights Strip 7 Color LED Bottom Lamp Strip

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This car LED bottom lamp strip is made of soft and flexible PVC material, which has the characteristics of waterproof, high-temperature resistance, not easy to break, and long service life. It is controlled by a wireless controller and has seven kinds of light color changes, which increases the fun of driving at night.


Product voltage: DV 12V.
Waterproof grade: IP68.
Maximum power: 12W.
Service life: 100000 hours.
Applicable model: general purpose.
Light color: red, green, blue, white, ice blue, purple, yellow

Product list:

App Version: 

2*35.43inch/47.24inch lamp strip 
2*23.62inch/ 35.43inch lamp strip 
1 * transformer box

Controller + Voice Control Version:

2*35.43inch/47.24inch lamp strip 
2*23.62inch/ 35.43inch lamp strip 
1 * controller.
1 * transformer box