Car Wireless Charger Phone Mount Q88 Compatible with LEXUS

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This Car wireless charger phone mount supports infrared sensing and wireless charging (mobile phones that do not support wireless charging also provide charging ports). The use of the latest technology production, upgraded chips and batteries, greatly improve the charging efficiency.

This Wireless charger phone mount is the perfect companion for your journey!


  • Smart sensor: With infrared intelligent sensing technology, you can easily check and operate your phone while driving.When the mobile phone bracket is connected to the power supply, it will automatically open when the mobile phone is close to the bracket.When the use is finished, the mobile phone can also be easily removed.Even if the vehicle is in a state of stopping and flameout, it can operate as usual.
  • Fast charging: 5W wireless charging, QI certified and reliable. The chip used greatly improves the charging efficiency and can fully charge the mobile phone at any time. (If your phone does not support wireless charging, please do not worry! We are equipped with 3 types of magnetic plugs (USB Type-c, Lightning, USB Micro B). Just insert the plug into the charging port of the phone and place the phone on the car phone cradle to charge it! When charging your phone, the phone holder needs to be connected to a power source.)
  • Universally applicable to all Car models: The strong universal base makes the installation of the frame easy.When the car phone bracket is installed on the air outlet of the dashboard, the bracket can be rotated 360 degrees to easily obtain horizontal and vertical screens.
  • Luminous LOGO: Full of sense of technology and fashion, improve the atmosphere of driving.


  • Model number: Q88.
  • Material: PC+ABS vacuum plating.
  • Input voltage / current: 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A head.
  • Input voltage: DC 5V/2A.
  • Output power: 15W, 10W, 7.5W, 5W, automatic identification.
  • Charging power: 110K-205K Hz.
  • Charging distance: 1-8mm.
  • Dimensions: 126x68 x 45.5mm.
  • Charging port: Type C.
  • Color: silver, black.
  • LOGO lamp color: blue.
  • Support specification: charging in accordance with QI wireless protocol.
  • This equipment has over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, magnetic field protection, short-circuit protection, if the equipment is abnormal, it will stop working automatically.

Packing list:

  • Car bracket x 1
  • Car air outlet base (clip) x 1
  • Data cable x 1
  • Magnetic head x 3 (Apple, Type-C, Android)

How to install:

1. Clamp the mounting base to the air outlet that is convenient for the driver to operate the mobile phone. Tighten the screw so that the clip can be firmly fixed.
2. Loosen the screw on the back of the phone holder, then snap it into the ball-shaped pillar of the mounting base, and tighten it.
3. Use the attached Type-C cable to connect the power supply on the car. After connecting the power, the LOGO of the cradle will light up. When an item approaches, it will automatically unfold the clip and then automatically close.
4. Rotate the bracket to find the most suitable angle to put the phone on it. If your phone is equipped with wireless charging, it will charge automatically. If your mobile phone is wired for charging, please insert the included magnetic plug into the charging port of your mobile phone and then put the mobile phone on the cradle.


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